LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky bars and restaurants are doing the best they can to adjust to Governor Andy Beshear’s latest round of COVID-19 restrictions which include no indoor dining for the next three weeks. 

Curbside, delivery, and outdoor dining is permitted. A $10,000 relief grant is available to businesses but many owners say they'll have to get creative to survive. 

“If you’re not being creative there is a very good chance you’re going to be shut down," Eric Rose told Spectrum News 1.

Rose and his wife own, "R Place Pub," in Middletown, and out back is a very large sand volleyball court. Rose says by raising the tarp walls and keeping proper airflow the sand court meets the governor's definition of patio space. 

“Put some tables out there, obviously distanced, accordingly and make it feel a little more casual out here," Rose said. 

Rose has cut more than half of his staff. On Friday he was one half of the kitchen staff. 

“We just have to try and reinvent and then hope that they come. Shutting everything down again doesn’t mean people want to come back out and you can see some restaurants that have been here for years are shutting down," Rose said.