MOREHEAD, Ky. — Eastern Kentucky is now home to the largest greenhouse of its kind in North America. Located a mile north of I-64 on Highway 801, App Harvest's new mega facility spans 60 acres.

On Wednesday, App Harvest's founder and CEO Jonathan Webb, a native to the area, unveiled his highly-ambitious agriculture facility to the world.

The 2.8 million-square-foot facility will grow millions of tomatoes every year while only utilizing a fraction of the space needed in traditional growing operations. 

“We’re going to get 30x yield per acre out of this facility," Webb told supporters and guests. "To put that in perspective, this will do the equivalent to 1,500 to 1,800 acres in California and Mexico. That doesn’t equate the 40% food waste coming across out countries." 

The App Harvest compound also touts that it will require 90% less water than a traditional farm by collecting and reusing rainwater. 

Notably, the initial $100 million in capital to build the facility came in private investments. Investors continue to find App Harvest as ground has already been broken on a second facility. 

The facility expects to generate three hundred permanent jobs, not including the massive temporary workforce required to build the sprawling complex.

“I think many of us who have bought into this now, truly believe it’s bigger than any one of us," Webb said.