LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Anyone hoping for a peaceful start to the week will have to wait. Early Monday morning a man was shot and killed by members of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) and Kentucky National Guard after an exchange of gunfire. 


What You Need To Know

  • David McAtee killed by LMPD and National Guard

  • Law enforcement say they fired after being fired upon

  • Family upset McAtee's body wasn't removed more quickly


LMPD and Governor Andy Beshear (D) say members of LMPD and the National Guard were responding to the area of South 26th and West Broadway to clear a large group of people disobeying a city-wide curfew order. It was during this time Gov. Beshear says LMPD and Guard members were shot at and a man was killed when officers returned fire. 

“I’ve known the “BBQ man,” all my life,” one man told Spectrum News. The man killed is David McAtee who ran a barbeque business near the intersection. 

“He didn’t mess with nobody. He fed everybody that needed something to eat.”

Family members and demonstrators gathered across the street from a sizable police presence. Some of the officers lined up in riot gear as people shouted profanities for hours. Family members say they were upset McAtee’s body was still on the scene 12 hours after the shooting.

A local faith leader spoke to a member of Louisville police before speaking to Spectrum News 1, saying, “Right now he has been taken from the outside and placed inside the building and they are trying to get all the forensic evidence necessary for the investigation.”