NEWPORT, Ky. — Untended home repairs can cause an extra burden during a time when residents are asked to stay healthy at home.

A non-profit organization is fixing those time-sensitive repairs for those who are disabled or elderly through a grant.

“You know when it would rain hard, that’s when it would leak,” said Arine Henry.

Henry, 87, lives in Newport and for the past several months there's been a leak from her roof.

“It was leaking all the way up in that room and then it was leaking in my bedroom,” Henry said.

Her daughter, Teresa Smith, says at one point or two the ceiling has even fallen.

“It’s been awful. She’s had to set buckets in here and catch the raindrops,” Smith said.

Thankfully, hammers and nails will fix this problem. Roof technicians are repairing the emergency work when much of the state is under a shelter-in-home order.

“Right now we’re focused on the truly severe emergencies that would force you out of your home,” said Jock Pitts.

Pitts is the President and CEO of People Working Cooperatively. He said they recently received $50,000 in a grant. They’re grateful but he says it’s not enough.

“Dollars are going quickly and with people in dire need. A typical emergency maybe $1,500 to $2,000 so you’ll see we won’t be able to do too many jobs before that $50,000 is depleted,” Pitts said.

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, choices for alternative solutions are very low.

“There’s not an option right now of going to your relative's home or someplace else because everybody is locked in place especially with those that are the most vulnerable. We want to protect them, our elderly and people that may have some pre-existing conditions they need to be able to stay safely in their home,” Pitts said.

Henry said she appreciates the lending hand.

“I'm so thankful that they’ve come to fix it for me,” Henry said.

People Working Cooperatively have already completed 12 jobs making home repairs. 

Learn more about People Working Cooperatively  or to report a Level 1 Emergency, by visiting their website or calling (513) 351-7921.