LOUISVILLE, Ky.  — In a move to help restaurants closed to in-person dining Governor Andy Beshear has made it legal to sell beer on carry-out and delivery orders. 

“It’s really great for Beshear to do that because we have a ton of inventory that we are just sitting on,” Chris Williams told Spectrum News 1. Williams is the owner and head chef of Four Pegs in Louisville’s Germantown neighborhood. This week, like all other Kentucky bars and restaurants Williams, was forced to limit business to carry out and delivery. The effect was immediate and harsh. 

“I had seven or eight cooks and six bartenders.” And now, only a few days later, “I have one cook and two bartenders and one of them is the delivery driver,” Williams explains. 

The looser regulations on beer allow patrons to add it to food orders. However, people can’t buy beer in bulk. 

“We’re trying to do everything we can to drive business as far as delivery and curbside, things like that to try and get people to come in and people have been generous when they do come in,” Williams adds. 

The “Beer-to-Go,” rule is expected to drive more business but Williams is unsure if it would be enough to help him hire back any of his staff. It may help him stay afloat during what is expected to be a very challenging stretch. 

“The neighborhood is definitely picking up on it and it’s been really cool to all the people on Facebook making these groups where you can post what’s going on and that’s definitely driving some business,” Williams said.