LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Surrounded by volunteers, fellow veterans and well-wishers, 60-year-old Toree Harris signed his name on the dotted line. In exchange, he received the keys to his new home with thunderous applause. 

"I didn't know I had that many people on my side," he said. 

Harris is a Marine veteran but ever since he retired from service he's struggled to keep a place of his own. 

“We know that homelessness and housing insecurity is a persistent challenge in our community and there are many who can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment even if they are working," Theresa Reno-Weber told a large crowd surrounding the home. 

Weber is the president of Louisville's Metro United Way one of the many organizations making this event possible.

 "Operation Victory" is the non-profit bringing everyone together for this cause. 

For the third time, the group has gifted a fully-renovated home to a once-homeless veteran.

Harris is reviewing the home on the condition of accepting a low-cost mortgage. 

“It's a great partnership we have between the labor unions, community groups and businesses, they all came together to renovate this home for a homeless veteran in need," Tim Morris told Spectrum News 1. 

Morris is a member of the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council. Not only is it a renovated home it comes fully furnished including a line of GE appliances donated by the company. 

"You can’t call anything your home unless you are permanently there. So now that I’m permanently here, I am home," Harris said with a smile.