LOUISVILLE, Ky. - For the first time, the Kentucky Derby Museum is asking fans to bring in their racing and horse-themed antiques and ask an expert.

“Some items may seem like everyday items but when you hear that story behind them it makes the story worth telling. We hope to illuminate some of those stories for people who bring items in for, 'Ask a Curator'," Chris Goodlett told Spectrum News 1.

On Saturday, November 16, visitors can bring their memorabilia to the Derby Museum to learn the back story of their belongings.

While it's the first official event of this kind at the Derby Museum, Goodlett and his staff field questions all the time from patrons.

“We get hundreds and hundreds of questions a year at the Kentucky Derby Museum and we have a lot of expertise on this staff," Goodlett adds. "People can maybe bring some items in, ask us questions about the history of their item," Goodlett said.

Curators will also be able to help visitors learn how to properly preserve some of their items as well. For more information on, "Ask a Curator," click HERE!