SOMERSET, Ky. — For 100 years, the Virginia Theatre has been a part of downtown Somerset, but for nearly 25 years the theater has been empty. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Virginia Theatre has been in downtown Somerset since 1922

  • In honor of 100 years, the Mayor is reopening the theater as a live music venue

  • The Theatre has been vacant for the past 25 years

  • The Mayor believes this is the missing piece to bringing the downtown area together

Alan Keck, the mayor of Somerset says it’s a project that will bring his community together.

“It’s humbling and exciting. I want to make sure that we honor those that paved the way and that laid a foundation for this to be possible. We're the, I guess the group that got it over the finish line. But it's important that we say thanks to everybody who kept the dream alive,” Keck Said. 

A dream that has been around since 1922, but Keck says the theatre has been vacant for the past 25 years.

“During the civil rights era, this was not a place that everybody felt welcomed And so it's important that we create a venue that this for everybody, and regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race, whatever, you know, you're welcome in the Virginia, then you're going to really be a part of this community when you come,” Keck Said.

The Virginia Theatre will reopen as a live music venue, in honor of its 100th year celebration, and local business owner, Tammy Hoehler, says the reopening of the theater is exactly what her community needs. 

“I’ve lived here my entire life but I don't remember The Virginia ever being open. I don't have memories of going there, but I think it's gonna be an exciting place to see reborn here and I think it's gonna be a lot of fun,” Keck Said.

The missing piece of downtown is what Keck is saying will complete the Somerset experience, and hopes this investment will allow his hometown to flourish. Their plans are to open in the spring of this year.