BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Charita Moyers, a 22-year Western Kentucky University food service worker, lost her battle with cancer recently. Her friends Louise Curry and Pam Reece, along with co-workers, are making sure her legacy doesn't die.

What You Need To Know

  • Moyers worked for WKU for over 20 years

  • She had a birthday board for students and updated it daily

  • Her friends and co-workers remember her as someone who made people feel welcome

  • They will lead a march on campus later this month

Curry, a kitchen manager at WKU, and Moyers worked together for 22 years. The two even shared a work anniversary in September and were friends outside of the kitchen as well. 

Both of their sons played on the same little league football team growing up. Curry said it was never a dull day working with her best friend. 

“Working with Charita, it was never a boring day. She would make us laugh or cry depending on what the situation was," said Curry. "I think we were the two biggest cry babies, and even if it was a good thing, we would cry. She was just one of those people that you just liked to be around.”

Moyers' signs are placed throughout the school with some students writing notes on just how much she will be missed. The signs are a constant reminder of her legacy for Curry

"I’ll just continue to think about her and the things she’s done for people in her life and just go from there," said Curry

Moyers' signature birthday board was a big part of her genuine love for students and those she worked with. Pam Reece, manager of the Pit Stop convenience store, has her board prominently displayed in the shop along with her picture. She said she makes it a point to talk about Moyers on a daily basis. 

“I look at her picture and talk to her everyday and it just feels like she's looking right at me from that picture because we were close," said Reece. "There is not a day goes by that I don't say something about her.”

Curry and Reece will be leading a march on campus later this month as well to honor Moyers as well as bring cancer awareness.