BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The Bowling Green Warren County airport hosted aviation camp for those with intentions to fly including 81-year old camper David Tarter. 

What You Need To Know

  • Aviation camp gives campers real hands on experience flying a plane

  • The camp is celebrating 25 years

  • David Tarter is the oldest camper in the history of the camp 

Classes were held this week and last week, giving campers the opportunity to participate in flight simulations as well as fly an actual plane – something Tarter has targeted for a while. 

“It’s been lots of fun. I never mastered the simulator, I was all over the place," Tarter said. "The plane was much easier it was rough up there for a little bit but not bad.”

The camp has been running for 25 years now with Tarter being its oldest camper ever. The 22-year military vet said it came as a surprise from his wife. 

"With COVID-19, it wasn't able to happen last year," Tarter said. "My wife surprised me and I was glad to be apart of it."

Tarter said he's always had a passion for flight, so this was something important to him. Campers got to take control of the aircraft but of course, they were all accompanied by a licensed pilot like first time counselor Wilson Hutchinson. 

“We do some straight flights, some turns, climbs and descents and things like that," Hutchinson said. "They are the sole manipulator. We fly over the train depot and campus and they help me all the way down.”

The camp hosted a total of 72 participants between last week and this week. Despite being the most senior camper, Tarter said everything went smoothly. 

“I enjoy people and thats the big thing if you enjoy people you will get along alright," he said.

If you want more information on the aviation camp you can visit here.