RICHMOND, Ky. — A Kentucky school district is helping set the stage for children ages 12-15 and up to get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

What You Need To Know

  • Children 12-15 years old begin receiving COVID-19 shots

  • Madison County Schools transformed their middle school gyms into walk-in clinics

  • Two day vaccination clinic offered this week

  • School district has plans to host more clinics in the summer

Madison County Schools is partnering with McCay's Total Care Pharmacy in Richmond to offer clinics in the community.

“We knew we wanted to try to do some walk-in clinics during the summertime to get kids vaccinated but also their families,” said Erin Stewart, public information officer for the school district.

Stewart said it’s about offering access. With several of the area clinics are dwindling down, the school gyms are becoming the temporary community clinics to fill the void.

“We definitely want to avoid doing massive amounts of virtual learning, we know that’s not great for kids, it’s not great for families and it’s not great for our community,” Stewart said. “So what we really hope for is that throughout the summer folks will continue to get vaccinated and those numbers will go up and that will increase our chances for a very normal school year.”

Madeline McKinney, 12, is among the many who trickled into the walk-in clinic at B. Michael Caudill Middle School.

“I’ve been thinking about, about getting the vaccine, I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never got this vaccine before,” Madeline said.

The preteen said her reason behind getting the vaccine is so she doesn’t have to repeat social distancing as much in fall as she and other students did this school year.

“We had to stay 6 feet apart most of the time and we had to wear a mask and when we were eating lunch we weren’t able to face each other so that was pretty hard,” Madeline said.

Her dad, Jay, brought her one of two clinics for the 12 to 15 age group in preparation for their upcoming summer trip.

“We’re getting ready to go on vacation so she needs to be vaccinated at least have one of the shots, one of the doses before going on vacation,” Jay said.

The school district will host another walk-in clinic on Tuesday and they have plans to have some clinics during the summer months.