GEORGETOWN, Ky. — For the past year, a church in Georgetown has been working with an organization to help rebuild and restore an old historic home. The house is now ready to go on the market, with a portion of the profits going toward building a school in Uganda. 

Focus on Uganda is a group at Focus Wesleyan Church, who recently partnered up with an organization called Habitat for Missions. Habitat for Missions is a global organization that buys homes and encourages local groups to remodel the homes to sell. The profits will then go toward a bigger cause. 

“We were looking for a house in Georgetown. That's our base, and we wanted to make as much profit as possible, so we found a house that needed a lot of repair. And so that's what we've been working on for over a year now," Linda Griffith, a member of Focus on Uganda, said. 

For Griffith, Uganda has had a special place in her heart for over 25 years. She tries to go to Uganda at least once a year to help out a community. 

“When you meet people, they don't become statistics and numbers, they're your friends. You see so many people when we go and visit with people. I go usually about once a year, haven't this year, for obvious reasons, but we go once a year and either take training or take supplies or just to be with them,” Griffith said.

The house was built in 1905, and after taking a year to remodel the house and 80 volunteers later, the house is finally up for sale. 90% of the proceeds will go towards building a Vocational School for children in Uganda. 

“It's very important that young people have some kind of education in a vocational skill so that they can provide some kind of job, they can have a job that will actually create some money,” Griffith said.

In addition to the school, the group is trying to purchase a tractor and other farming supplies to send to community members in Uganda to help during their growing seasons. The house is located at 359 N. Broadway Street, Georgetown, KY 40324.