LOUISVILLE, Ky. — U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made his case to the agriculture community Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • McConnell participates in Kentucky Farm Bureau Measure the Candidates Forum

  • Democratic challenger Amy McGrath did not attend because of a scheduling conflict

  • McConnell touted his influence as a reason why farmers should vote for him

  • McGrath was in Paducah unveiling her health care policy



McConnell, R-Kentucky, attended his seventh Kentucky Farm Bureau Measure the Candidates forum, his Democrat opponent Amy McGrath declined the invite due to a scheduling conflict, McConnell acknowledged this the first time his opponent did not attend the forum and slammed her for “ducking” the forum. 

“I think the fact that my opponent is not here indicates the utter contempt that Democrats have for rural America these days,” he said. 

McConnell touted his influence as a reason for Kentucky farmers to vote for him in November, “Every senator has one vote but not every senator has equal influence,” he said. 

McConnell highlighted the $23 billion of aid to farmers included in the CARES Act which he says would not have been included if Democrats were deciding on the bill. 

"If there's been a Democratic majority that would have been very hard to pull off, maybe impossible, because they have another nothing but contempt for flyover country, which is where all the rest of us live,” he said. 

McConnell touted his record on trade and work during his first term to allow tobacco crops to be eligible for tobacco payments and his work on the 2018 Farm Bill to legalize hemp before noting the significance of the race.

“People all over the country are watching. And the question is what kind of statement is Kentucky going to make to the rest of the country about what the country ought to look like after November 3,” he said. 

Amy McGrath unveiled a new health care policy plan in Paducah instead of attending the forum and released a new ad attacking McConnell’s record on health care. 

Her campaign shot back against claims that McGrath does not care about agriculture. 

"In Kentucky, we have lost 10,000 family farms, and lost over 47,000 jobs because of the ongoing trade deficit with China that Mitch McConnell said he wants more of. What is clear is that Mitch McConnell can't change, won't change and is only doubling down on the failed D.C. policies that he has pushed for 36 years where the wealthy special interests rein while working Kentuckians lose jobs, can't get access to affordable health care and live in an economy where wages haven't gone up in decades but the cost of everything has,” the campaign said in a statement. 

McGrath and Libertarian Candidate Brad Barron have confirmed to take part in two televised debates in October.