FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky State University welcomed students to campus one week ago. A student gathering has already prompted President M. Christopher Brown II to shut down all non-class-related in-person events until further notice. 

What You Need To Know

  • KSU shuts down non-class-related in-person events

  • Shutdown prompted by video of student gathering where a few students put group a risk

  • KSU president sends out campus-wide letter

  • Next week is "Safety Week" on campus

The decision came after Brown says he was shown a video on Thursday of a campus gathering where, he says, nearly all students were wearing masks and appearing responsible, but some obvious exceptions put the entire group at risk.

"I feel bad for all of the students who followed rules and for those who have complied, and those who have socially distanced; those who have been doing their classes and doing what they’re supposed to do," Brown said in an interview with Spectrum News 1. "But, one of two malefactors can influence everyone and, so, that’s the challenge we find ourselves in."

Brown sent a campus-wide letter denouncing the gathering and wrote that the actions of a few could cause the entire campus to shut down, classes and all.


KSU is currently hosting a hybrid method of classes. Brown says they go so far as to have students, who have chosen in-person learning, rotate in and out of the classroom so they’re only in the building once a week. 

Whether it’s irony or well-timed, next week was already scheduled as “Safety Week” at KSU. The entire campus will practice going into a quarantine lockdown and an outside company is supposed to offer testing to those who want it. Brown said he’s there to encourage, not mandate, testing right now at KSU.