A student performing group brings plenty of smiles to people in Bowling Green.

The Red River Fiddlers are under the direction of acclaimed violinist and fiddler Julianna Waller.

“I’m like the Fiddle Mom,” Waller said. “It’s an enjoyable and stress-free group. It’s one of my greatest joys.”

The performers range in age from 9 to 15. The Red River Fiddlers try to perform twice a month in Bowling Green. Some of their favorite places to perform include the First Baptist Church and Chaney’s Dairy Barn.

“It means the world to me to see how someone benefits from something I do,” Naomi Burt said. “I get a lot of joy from it especially when it is music.”

Waller started the Red River Fiddlers in 2006. She was inspired to give back and thought this was the way to go. Waller grew up in Arizona with the fiddle. She sees a lot of herself in her students.

“Many of these students started at age 3, 4, and 5. They stay with me and they grow in classical violin and then on to fiddling,” Waller said. “It’s very challenging to get in the group because they play at a high level.”

Waller has big plans in 2019 for the group. She wants to take the Red River Fiddlers for a trip to Phoenix. She wants them to play in new venues and visit the Musical Instrument Museum.

“To send this group to Arizona will be an incredible experience,” Waller said. “I think it will be life-changing and they’ll remember it their whole life."

The Red River Fiddlers meet up once a week, but spend many hours of their own time to prepare for upcoming concerts. However, the time flies for the children because it is fun for them.

“You can express whatever emotion you want through your music,” Samuel Lock said. The kids feel empowered after a strong performance. It even has an impact on other aspects of their lives.

“It has given me the confidence to be myself in front of other people,” Campbell Bush said. “It also has given me a great group of friends,” he added.

The Red River Fiddlers have some concerts in December.

On December 10th, they’ll play at the First Baptist Church for their Christmas Concert. On December 17th, the Red River Fiddlers will play at the White Plains Senior Community Dinner.

If you want to help the children get to Arizona for their 2019 trip, click here.