LOS ANGELES — It's hard to explain if you don't have the glasses on, but from Watchtower Studios' CEO Joey Gallagher's perspective, he's looking at visuals that are coming right at him. 

"I literally feel like I'm in another world right now," Gallagher said.

What You Need To Know

  • Three companies came together to create a new studio space, Watchtower Studios, 3D Live, and Capture Studios

  • The space uses original technology to live stream concerts, sports, and music festivals, in real-time to VR headsets

  • The immersive experience is designed to give the effect of actually being there

  • The studio created the Virtual Burning Man festival in 2020

This studio space, created by three companies: Watchtower Studios, 3D Live, and Capture Studios, is brand new and specializes in virtual reality and 3D.

They created an immersive experience using original technology that live streams entertainment like concerts and sports. 

While Gallagher is experiencing this demo in 3D glasses, watching a show in a virtual reality headset is next level. 

"The artist could be performing with 3D content coming off the screen, you're sitting in your living room, and you feel like you're there. It's absolutely unbelievable, and it's live. That's something that's never been done before," Gallagher said.

While live streaming has exploded during the pandemic, 3D Live's COO, Ryan Pardeiro, said they're taking that further by innovating for tomorrow, with live streaming in virtual reality. 

"A holographic 3D LED system that streams into VR with special polarized VR lenses, that allow us to have a hologram-like-XR studio for live streaming," Pardeiro said. 

They already created the 2020 Virtual Burning Man Festival, a full VR experience that feels like you're there, watching live performances. 

But while live events will return, hopefully sometime in this calendar year, Gallagher said this is the next era of live entertainment.

"Being at the forefront of VR and technology together, live concerts and VR technology, and live streaming, we're here to stay," Gallagher said.