LOS ANGELES — The taco scene in L.A. is constantly growing and pushing the boundaries, where not one taco is not like another.

One local taco truck is known for its shrimp tacos above all else. Chef Javier Muñoz of Frogtowns Gourmet Tacos is obsessed with perfectly charred shrimp.

What You Need To Know

  • Frogtowns Gourmet Tacos specializes in loaded shrimp tacos

  • The food truck was started by a chef who was born and raised in Frogtown

  • He started serving on his front lawn before expanding to a food truck

“People can tell that I love shrimp when they taste my shrimp tacos,” said Muñoz.

The taco truck owner grew up eating seafood and even cooking it. He was the oldest of five with a single mom, so at a young age he took a parental role.

“When my mom wasn’t home, I had to help out and take care of the younger siblings, so that’s how I started out in the kitchen,” said Muñoz.

But the story doesn’t end there. As an adult, Muñoz became a nursing assistant and was on his way to furthering his education when he got the itch to cook again. He started serving the community on his front lawn.

“This is actually an art that I like and a passion that I have, and I definitely enjoy the transition I made in my life, and I like where I’m at right now,” said Muñoz.

Right now, he runs the successful taco truck. He was born and raised in Frogtown and felt his neighborhood needed more food options.

“I always told myself, ‘Man we need to do something here in the L.A. River,’” said Muñoz.

Once his food became even more popular, he started to travel around Los Angeles serving a small menu of fresh, handmade tacos and fries. The salsas, guacamole, and tortillas are all made in house, or in the truck you can say, with special care and precision.

“You can notice that our hand pressed tortillas are a little bit softer and a little bit more moist than most tortillas out there. It’s a secret we found in the temperatures,” said Muñoz.

While they do sell al pastor and carne asada, along with loaded fries, the shrimp is what Frogtown’s Gourmet Tacos is known for. It all starts with the special secret marinade and then the secret cooking techniques.

“I can’t tell you everything on that, but we do use pepper and garlic,” said Muñoz. “Our shrimp has to be specifically grilled a certain way so it can get that char and that perfect taste. It is the temperature.”

Once the shrimp is complete, the tacos are loaded with cheese, guacamole, salsa, and a chipotle aioli. Muñoz’s passion cannot be missed.

“When you are having fun, you aren’t working a single day in your life. I put in a lot of time, dedication, and love into the recipe. I think customers can taste the love in our shrimp tacos,” said Muñoz.

Taste the love at Frogtown’s Gourmet Tacos traveling around LA. Follow them on Instagram to see their locations and times.