NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Before becoming the lead singer of La Santa Cecilia, Marisol Hernandez, also known as La Marisoul, was showcasing her talents on Olvera Street.

“I started singing on Olvera Street when I was 14, like professionally, like passing the basket around and stuff,” she said.

The Los Angeles-born and raised musician is known for both her unique talents and style.

As I asked her about her fashion style, she pointed to the bow on her head. “This is the smaller bow, this is the bow that I use for interviews but like when I’m on stage you’ll see like a way bigger bow. It’s the show bow.”


Her sense of humor not only comes across in an interview but in her music as well.

“I love the old fashion, I guess I’m old fashioned, I grew up watching I Love Lucy, I grew up watching those old Maria Felix movies,” she said. But her music is anything but old-fashioned, a style that mixes everything from rock to blues while still holding on to traditional Latin American music like Rancheras, Boleros, and Cumbias. 

“That’s the stage! This is where we are going to be,” she said with excitement. 

On Oct. 12 at the Soraya, she’ll headline a show she produced herself, paying tribute to artists that inspired her, Mexican American Artists from Linda Ronstadt and Selena Quintanilla.

“I’m so nervous, I’m so freaking nervous!” she said.

For Hernandez, it’s not only a tribute to Mexican American artists but to musicians who help influence her music and her own identity.

“With this show, I guess what I’m trying to do is pay my respects to the artists that inspired me like Selena and other artists that I’ve been able to discover along the way,” she said as she got emotional.

They were artists who not only inspired her music but her identity as well.