BURBANK, Calif. — Timeekah Murphy began her fashion career in 2010, right in the midst of her 12 years of service in the armed forces.

“I have a military background so I think differently. I move differently. When I’m given a task, I don’t stop until the mission is complete,” said Murphy.

What You Need To Know

  • Timeekah Murphy is the owner of Alani Taylor, a fashion Company named after her daughter

  • Just two years after starting the company she got the call to design for Beyonce

  • Timeekah started designing while on a military base in 2010

  • Two of her designs were seen in Beyonce's "Black Is King"

Murphy's work ethic has led to success. She began a high-end fashion line in 2016, and just two years later, she was contacted to design for Beyoncé.

“I was floored, like I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Murphy didn’t know it then, but she would soon realize that two of her designs would be featured in two songs on the mega-star’s Black Is King visual album movie for Disney+.


Because of her daughter, the moment is even greater for Murphy. Murphy's fashion label is named after her child — Alani Taylor.

“To be able to say to myself to my family, Beyoncé, one of the biggest legends in the world, has worn my daughter’s name on her back,” Murphy said. “I don’t think you can get no bigger than that to be able to pass something like that down to your child.”


Now Murphy is preparing to look for even more business opportunities, celebrities to work with, and more blessings.

“I can’t thank nobody else but God,” she said.

Backed by her military-style persistence, Murphy's brand has already reached music’s biggest brand.