LOS ANGELES – On a recent bright summer day, a handful of women have gathered at a private residence for the latest installment of Feel Good Fridays. 

The gathering is a series of classes that Light House founder Corey Spiegel created for women to relax, relate, and release. 

“It's really about self-care, it's about establishing your own self-care practice, which is why we do them every Friday,” said Spiegel.

Spiegel started Light House in 2019 to provide safe spaces for women to gather, be vulnerable, and discuss everyday relateable life stages.

She pivoted online during the pandemic, but started Feel Good Fridays in June so small groups of women could talk about their lives during this uncertain time. 

“It's really nice to be able to put the phone down and take that minute for yourself to kind of get out there and feel like you're not living life alone,” said Spiegel.

Each week a guest speaker leads the discussion on topics like self-empowerment, where the women are given advice on how to crank up the self-love.

True Cross, a first-time attendee, came to unplug from life and connect with the group for 90 minutes.

“We are juggling a lot of plates, especially parents who are also having to homeschool at this time. So our nerves are frayed, we're being taxed in ways we never have before so just taking a beat to slow down,” Cross said.

Taking care of your mental health and emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic is arguable, more important than ever.

Spiegel is hopeful these classes will leave people feeling good and able to manage their stress better. 

“There are many of us that are out there that are just as anxious and depressed and confused and lost and we're all in the same boat. The point of coming here is to be around other people that are experiencing the same thing,” Spiegel said.