REDONDO BEACH, Calif. – Quarantine must be strict for people with weak immune systems because they could easily get sick, and if they get sick it could be devastating.

There is a group of people with weakened immune systems sharing a diagnosis and a virtual connection. They are helping each other not leave home.

Dawn Pfeifer was diagnosed with stage four cancer several years ago. Because of this she hasn’t left her home since January.


Yet sitting at her kitchen table she’s got a strong connection to the outside world.

“We’re on this lifeboat and everything around us is going down,” said Pfeifer.

Pfeifer speaks with other women who have cancer. They used to meet in person. Now they only meet online.

“They’re the first ones that made me feel as though I wasn’t alone,” said Pfeifer.

Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach is a nonprofit. They do a lot to help people dealing with cancer. Every one of their support groups, including Pfeifer’s, moved online mid-March.




Pfeifer doesn’t have any family nearby. Her online support group has become her chosen family.

“Hope is a priceless commodity right now I think. I think that’s what we need most is hope,” said Pfeifer.

They are accepting participants, call 310.376.3550 or email