MAR VISTA, Calif. – Armed with a Megaphone and six sneakers tied to a six foot pole Nate Aldrich is trying to make people keep their distance.

“Six feet lady, well done,” he tells a nearby customer.

He is known as a social distancing czar, one of three recently hired at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. His job is making sure people stay six feet apart.


“I’m just your friendly little bizarre reminder that there are new protocols and new regulations everywhere we go so we’re just doing everything we can to be in compliance with them and gently trying to find ways to reinforce the new normal,” he says.

The new gig came at a perfect time for Aldrich, he was managing a bar at a country club that closed down when the pandemic hit.

Mike Moynahan worked for a non-profit Education organization before becoming a social distancing czar at the market. But he says “there aren’t any kids in school right now so this is my big day of the week.”

The General Manager of the Farmers Market, Diana Rodgers, says “it feels great to employ extra people and it also feels great to have those wonderful people aboard when we need extra help.”

Rodgers says the social distancing czars are all part of the safety plan she had to submit to the Department of street services in order to remain open. The plan also includes hand washing stations and signs reminding people to keep their distance.




As for Aldrich, he seems to be enjoying his new gig. He says “It’s going to take a lot of us to defeat the virus so everybody do your part and I’ll continue to do mine.”