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LOMITA, Calif. – Staying home from school amid the coronavirus outbreak wasn’t exactly as fun as Monique Gonzalez’ family thought it would be.

“My five-year old’s been begging to see his friends or go back to school,” Gonzalez said.

With her son’s school currently closed to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus, Gonzalez was left on her own to find ways to help keep her family busy. That is when she came across an idea online to ask residents to make and place shamrock decorations in windows, doors and driveways for children to count without touching as a fun scavenger hunt on St. Patrick’s Day. Gonzalez’ son, Isaac, couldn’t wait to get started.


“I’m looking for shamrocks,” Isaac said.

The games also gave Gonzalez a reason to enjoy the outdoors.

“I just thought it would be so nice to get out, walk around break up the routine of being home all day,” Gonzalez said.

So, on St. Patrick’s Day they started the hunt, walking blocks to count as many shamrocks they could find.

“There’s one,” Isaac would point out.




In total, Isaac found about nine shamrocks during his walk in the neighborhood. In Lomita’s two square mile city, dozens of residents in self-isolation found a reason to bring joy to the neighborhood as families like the Gonzalez’ walked by.  

“To see everybody come together to do something for the kids like this is amazing,” Gonzalez said.

While the coronavirus outbreak can feel scary at times for Gonzalez’ family, being able to see the community come together helped her family feel a little more at ease as they wait for this virus to pass.