LOS ANGELES — There’s nothing like getting the perfect shot for wildlife adventure documentary filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer, who spent much of his career behind the camera to bring awareness to causes he believes in.

“On my series, even the ones that are kind of fun and adventurous, I try and bring an environmental spin to them,” he said.

What You Need To Know

  • Ecoflix is a not-for-profit streaming platform by the Ecoflix Foundation

  • The platform features filmmakers to highlight stories about wildlife, deforestation, climate change and more with solutions for viewers

  • The streaming service features a range of content from shows, feature documentaries and more

  • Membership fees of about $7 or less, depending on the payment plan, are tax-deductible and go toward other causes and nonprofits

Von Puttkamer's shows include "Biggest and Baddest" and "The Real Lost World," an expedition show that toured the jungle plateau of Venezuela aired on the Discovery Channel. Most of his work aired on multiple major networks internationally and now, he’s hoping to tackle another environmental topic.

“The trending item is climate change and how climate change is impacting us as human beings. So, it’s really on the public’s mind as well,” he said.

But this time, von Puttkamer's work will be featured on Ecoflix, a new not-for-profit streaming service that features content on wildlife, the environment, conservation and more. The streaming service, for all ages, comes with a tax-deductible membership fee of about $7 or less depending on the payment plan.

David Casselman, founder and CEO of the platform, said membership fees will also go toward other causes.

“We want people to see and geek out if you will, at all the various, amazing aspects of nature. But we’re also very interested in inspiring them to be a part. We all have a job to do,” he said.

For von Puttkamer, who is also serving as a board member for the streaming platform, he sees this as an opportunity for more to get involved.

“To protect rainforests, making decisions about what they eat, making decisions about where they bank, there’s a whole list of things that people can do to help protect the earth,” he said.

Environmental issues might not change overnight, but von Puttkamer is willing to stand behind the lens in hopes of inspiring others to take a closer look at all the natural wonders around the world.