LOS ANGELES — The “See” season two-finale, Rock-a-Bye, ends with an epic battle from tensions that had been brewing all-season long.

What You Need To Know

  • “See’s” Rock-a-Bye episode won outstanding supporting visual effects in a photoreal episode at the VES Awards

  • The pandemic created challenges for their season finale because of social distancing restrictions

  • In the show “See,” the human race has lost its sense of sight

  • “See” airs on Apple TV+ and has been renewed for a third season

However, the biggest battle facing visual effects producer Parker Chehak was making digital soldiers because of on-set COVID restrictions.

“We had an army attacking another army and we could have ten people on-set. It was ‘how are we going to do that?’ and so we built them,” Chehak said.

However, it was not just any army.

In “See,” humans have lost the sense of sight, so the visual effects team created a massive army full of the visually impaired that had to feel realistic.

“[They] walk differently and hold each other as they walk. It was all very carefully done to service the blind community,” Chehak said.

Visual effects supervisor Chris Wright said the story of “See’s” blind society is what inspires him about his job. They worked hard to accurately build digital characters, and were able to do it with the help of one of their producers, who is blind, and their movement team. 

“They aren’t watching something that’s happening," Wright said. "They are listening to something that is happening. Maintaining that integrity of that part of the story is very special to me and to everyone."

That is why, out of all the ambitious visual effects on this episode, Chehak said creating blind soldiers was their greatest feat.

“I think the COVID restrictions, I think building people and having them feel realistic and creating that army and that epic size with 10 people out on-set I think that was for me, the most gratifying part,” Chehak said.