LOS ANGELES — "It's a vibe," a '90s vibe. And you'll catch many of those vibes through the immersive scenery at the '90s Experience pop-up museum at the Westfield Topanga Mall.

What You Need To Know

  • The '90s Experience is an immersive pop-up museum at the Westfield Topanga Mall
  • Nick Fletcher, who works with the museum, said the pop-up encourages visitors to enjoy the nostalgic memories of the nineties
  • Installations include typical '90s bedrooms, art vignettes, pay phones, lockers and more
  • The immersive scenery is attracting content creators with countless selfie opportunities

The art installations reflect memories from the '90s, ranging from music, pop culture and technology. Nick Fletcher, a '90s kid himself, helped bring the experience to life.

"It's hard to say what I loved about the '90s the most, I'm thinking immediately about the music. When we think about how hip hop was coming into the forefront of being a pop culture, dominating thing. And of course, pop music like Christina and Britney," he said.

Some scenes include what a typical '90s bedroom looked like, with posters, glow-in-the-dark stars, CD players, butterfly clips and more. The installations are all selfie-friendly, so visitors are welcome to capture as much content as they like. But Fletcher said what's most interesting is reflecting on how much technology shaped lifestyles back then compared to today.

"Back in the '90s, you had your flip phone, you were limited to 150 characters a text, and we didn't necessarily have the luxury of GPS. So when you made plans to go kick it, hang out with your friends, family, you'd have to look it up on MapQuest, print out the directions, and then be there and really just immerse yourself in being present in the moment with your friends and family," he said.

But today, ironically, in a social media-driven generation, the museum is attracting visitors who also love the visual scenery for content creation.

"The '90s was such a fun, and innocent time. And what's really cool is through working with the '90s Experience, we get to relive that fun, that nostalgia, every day," he explained.

To enjoy the nostalgia, you can "beat the buzzer" by visiting the museum, which will be open until the end of January.