EL SERENO, Calif. — The pandemic has closed breweries and seen events and festivals canceled, so pop-up restaurants have had to get creative to continue operating. In El Sereno, two chefs decided to open their business right on their front lawn, which ended up being the best thing that ever happened to them.

What You Need To Know

  • Two El Sereno chefs opened a Mexican pop-up in their front yard

  • Evil Cooks serves traditional Yucatan cuisine with a rock and roll twist

  • Before moving to their front yard, they did pop-ups at breweries, events, and festivals

The owners of Evil Cooks Alex Garcia and Elvia Huerta want to kill your appetite through their unique cuisine.

“Rock star lifestyle in the kitchen. We make our own rules,” said Garcia.

Garcia actually wanted to be in a rock band, but chose to be a chef instead. He brought that vibe to Evil Cooks. But this couple says don’t judge a book by its cover when looking at them and their sometimes black or green food.

“It’s just a name. It’s just a concept. We are very nice people. Don’t be scared. Be open minded. Come and try something different and unique,” said Garcia and Huerta.

They used to do pop-ups at different events, breweries, and festivals, but now they sell right in front of their house.

“I feel people are more committed to going to one spot instead of trying to find you,” said Huerta.

It became a positive of the pandemic. It makes setting up and prep much easier, especially when they get lines forming even before they open for the unique, yet nostalgic rock and roll Mexican eats. Garcia is from Mexico and actually never cooked his home cuisine before.

“At some point you have to go back to your roots to cook what reminds you of your childhood,” said Garcia.

So, you’ll find that in their chilaquiles burrito and in their black pastor. It fits their dark theme, but also is traditional to Yucatan. Garcia and Huerta actually got the recipe from a chef there who allowed them to sell it here.

“Something called recado negro where you burn all the spices, tortilla, and cacao. You make it into paste and you marinate your pork with that. It’s a little bit different,” said Garcia.

We cannot forget their dessert tacos either. Flan, churros, and cheesecake are put into a crepe/tortilla hybrid to end your meal with something sweet.

“Just be open minded. Don’t be scared,” said Huerta.

There’s no reason to be scared of these sweet and savory tacos from Evil Cooks located at 2461 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Open for takeout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5 pm until they sell out.