HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Cookie crumbles being hand tossed into freshly made ice cream. We are getting an inside look at how the cookie monster flavor at Cocobella Creamery is born.

“It is super cookie full,” said Belinda Wei, owner.

Wei is the mad scientist behind this sweet, blue monster. She leads the creation of every ice cream option at the shop along with her partner and long-time friend Alice Cherng who helps brainstorm their ever-changing flavor options.


“Why don’t we think about whether we can make our own ice cream? So, we started playing with the idea and playing with flavors,” said Cherng.

But did you know this ice cream is completely vegan and allergy friendly? The duo found it hard to find dairy-free treats so they took it into their own hands.

“Making a really good, tasty dessert, but making it vegan was a challenge that I had wanted to explore, so that was something we wanted to try to develop together and things we remember growing up,” said Wei.

They spent months crafting ice cream that had no dairy, but was also nut free and gluten free. The bases of the ice cream include sunflower butter, coconut milk, and oat milk. All of the ingredients are natural and premium with mostly everything being made from scratch.

“That’s what I feel makes the food taste so delicious. We have such high integrity in the ingredients and we have so much love we pour into the ice cream in the process of making it,” said Wei.

The two hope to spread this love to their customers. They even remember a story of two young boys who had major allergies.

“They never had ice cream before. They were screaming. This is why we do what we do, to bring people joy,” said Cherng.

Experience that joy from a scoop or a float at Cocobella Creamery located at 1253 Vine St. Los Angeles, CA 90038.