SAN DIMAS, Calif. – You can order a side of skillet potatoes and a massive waffle stuffed with bacon at Twisted Sage in San Dimas. Serving classic breakfast favorites with a twist was the goal of Jolyn Thompson when she opened her first restaurant. She wanted to bring the comforts of home to a new level.

“Scratch kitchen, no extra things added just to make sure that everybody is getting almost a family cooked meal here,” said Thompson.

Thompson was born and raised in Laverne, leaving to go to culinary school. She worked at various restaurants, getting her start at Angel Stadium, but she wanted to bring her talents back to her home.


“I’m just a small-town girl. I have my ideas. I’m pretty simple. I’m a rustic chef. It’s been a blessing and humbling to provide food for our local town,” said Thompson.

What started as a small, eight-seat restaurant with her husband, now is a missive 110-seat operation serving breakfast and lunch to those near and far looking for a comfortable experience. Thompson hoped to showcase dishes made from scratch, along with a family atmosphere to her community.

“To be able to give local kids a job and also get my town some good food is where the expansion has come from,” said Thompson.

She chose her menu based on what she loves eating, from eggs benedict to fresh salads.

“Anything that I thought that I wanted to eat and I also go out to look for and just put a little twist on it,” said Thompson.

One item with a major twist is the biscuits and gravy that’s entirely made in house. It is their standout item that everyone comes in for.

“We do it a little different with bacon and scallions and cheddar added to it, with homemade country gravy with homemade sausage. I think those sort of things put us on the map as a restaurant to come to,” said Thompson.

Come on over to Twisted Sage for the comforts of home located at 433 E Foothill Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773.