LOS ANGELES — While playing some of their band's Emperors Night indie rock music, washing cars has become somewhat of a side gig for Bud Chalmers and his two brothers during the pandemic.

"We've learned a lot about cars in this time actually because we've been to cars and coffee events. And washed some really awesome vehicles, including this amazing Porsche," Chalmers said, referring to the car he was currently working on.

What You Need To Know

  • Live music venues shut down during the pandemic leaving musicians without a stage or audience

  • Emperors Night, an indie rock band, decided to wash cars to share music, gain followers and meet new fans

  • The band has washed more than 200 cars and gained more than 1,500 followers on Instagram in the process

  • One car wash led the band to receive free cinematography, a video shoot and location for their music video

The three brothers make up the New Zealand indie rock band. But as the pandemic shut down live music venues about 15 months ago, the band adapted by playing from home, taking jobs as movers and most recently, by washing cars for a follow on Instagram.

"We were, I guess, dumbfounded as to what we could do. I didn't feel like we had any options, and so in some ways, necessity is the mother of invention, and so in the end, we feel that we came up with a way we would have never thought of if the usual avenues had been open to us," Chalmers said

Chalmers and his brothers have washed more than 200 cars, gained more than 1,500 followers and made connections in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. One car wash led to the filming, location and creation of their latest music video for free. Another car wash led the band to gain more insight on how they can get their music heard and seen. But most importantly, they found a way to share their music by reaching new fans like Joey Rogoff, a social media influencer who also couldn't help but take the band up on their offer.

"I just thought it was a really cool idea, and with the pandemic, everyone's kind of like figuring alternative ways out to market themselves and get out there and meet new people. So I figured it would be a cool opportunity to meet them," Rogoff said.

For the brothers, it's a side gig that they're not ready to give up.

"It's actually been amazing all the walls it's broken down for us. People we've gotten to meet and so on," Chalmers said.

Even when live music makes a full return, Chalmers said they'll continue to make time for a car wash where the road takes them.

To take the band up on their free car wash offer, follow @Emperorsnight on Instagram and send them a message with the car 🚗 emoji.