MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- In front of a packed house in downtown Milwaukee Tuesday night, President Donald Trump rallied supporters behind his work on the economy, jobs and manufacturing, but he never once referenced what he called the "eighth wonder of the world" just down the road in 2018-- Foxconn.

It was a much different story back on July 28, 2018, when President Trump visited Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, to officially break ground on the Taiwanese electronics firm's signature facility there.

"This is just the beginning," President Trump said. "This is one of the largest plants in the world.  And when you think in terms of 20 million feet — if you build in Manhattan a million-foot building, that’s a very big building. They don’t get much bigger. And here you’re talking about more.  Think of it: more than 20 million feet. And that’s probably going to be a minimal number."

This past July, crews in Mount Pleasant began to raise the walls on the facility there-- it has a footprint of less than one million square feet.

Foxconn's development of its regional innovation centers across Wisconsin has also been scrutinized, most recently by Wisconsin Public Radio.

In a statement to them, Foxconn wrote, "Foxconn places are a part of the company’s long-term strategic plan for success in Wisconsin.  Development of Foxconn Places around Wisconsin will be based on timing that positions the company and its Wisconsin employees for competitive success in support of the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park. To date permits have been approved for initial phase development of Foxconn Place Racine and agreements have been made with design and construction firms for Foxconn Place Green Bay."

Spectrum News 1 contacted Foxconn for this story on Wednesday but has not yet heard back.

Longtime Milwaukee reporter, Dan Shafer, joined Spectrum News 1 on Tuesday to discuss his most recent column for The Recombobulation Area.

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