MILWAUKEE — With 30 days to go until the Republican National Convention officially kicks off in Milwaukee, work is well underway both in and around the site as stakeholders prepare for the major presidential nominating event.

Odds of a protest

Demonstrations against the RNC aren’t a matter of if but when and where. The Coalition to March on the RNC has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the City of Milwaukee violated its First Amendment rights by placing restrictions on protests within the security footprint.

The group said the location provided is too small for the anticipated crowd and has asked a judge to go to arbitration as early as next week. Organizers also plan to march on Saturday to highlight the planned route they intend to follow in July regardless of permit status.

According to the U.S Secret Service, a final security plan for the perimeter is expected to be made public next week.

Pere Marquette Park was previously picked as the place for protesters to gather during the RNC, however, that could change. (Spectrum News 1/Ryan Burk)

Why is Milwaukee under a state of emergency?

Last month, Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency for Milwaukee. While it may sound as though there is a problem or something to respond to, that’s not the case.

The declaration must happen to bring in more resources to help ensure the convention occurs safely and securely. The order, for example, grants law enforcement personnel coming in from other jurisdictions, whether in-state or from out-of-state, the power of arrest, if needed.

So far, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffery Norman said the procedural move has been a big help.

“The governor has been very instrumental in regards to getting that type of, shoring up the resources across our nation,” Norman explained. “We do have a system that we connect each other with that it comes out with the request. As you’re probably aware for this, there was an emergency order put out in regards to the particular RNC so that we can activate that particular mutual aid request, and it’s going well.”

Is construction inside Fiserv Forum coming along?

The short answer is yes.

The stage, which will be partially mounted from both the floor and ceiling, is starting to take shape.

There will also be more than 1,200 LED panels used, including a 26-by-60-foot-wide display.

A rendering of how the 2024 RNC stage will look when completed. (RNC)

“We are ahead of schedule,” Anne Hathaway, Chairwoman of the RNC Committee on Arrangements, said. “Obviously, [we're] really excited about what’s happening here in the arena. Every day it’s a significant change. It’s building out really quickly.”

Once the construction is finished there won’t be any need to change the physical stage to update the aesthetic thanks to the LED panels, which will display the daily themes.