Born and raised a Wisconsin native, Anthony DaBruzzi is a passionate reporter for Spectrum News 1. A former White House Associate and Wisconsin State Senate employee, Anthony's passion for politics started during a civics lesson in his second grade classroom. Today, his inspiration comes from the ability to help people understand why they should care about their state and national politics while using his expertise to help others understand and navigate the political process. 

Anthony defines community as being connected, knowing your neighbors and lending a helping hand when needed with no questions asked. He considers himself lucky to live in a place where the worst of situations can bring out the best in people regardless of their differences. More so, Midwestern Nice is a thing - and it’s one of the reasons Anthony’s love for his home has always been held close to his heart. 

When Anthony isn’t working on his next story, he’s usually spending time outside either golfing, camping or hiking. When the weather isn’t permitting, you can find Anthony watching one of his beloved Wisconsin Badgers sports teams. 

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