GREEN BAY, Wis. — First lady Jill Biden returned to the Fox Valley on Thursday for the second time this year, with the hopes of gaining grassroots support among senior voters.

During a stop at Brown County Central Library, Biden wasn’t shy about spelling out what she believes is at stake for seniors in the upcoming election as she crisscrossed the country to Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin to kick off the launch of the Seniors for Biden-Harris grassroots program.

What You Need To Know

  • This week, First lady Jill Biden hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, and Arizona to help launch Seniors for Biden-Harris

  • The grassroots effort aims to organize and mobilize senior voters

  • During a Thursday stop at the Brown County Central Library in Green Bay, the first lady told the crowd “Donald Trump supported ending Medicare as we know it"

  • Thursday’s visit was part of dozens of events held across the country, including phone banks, bingo nights, and pickleball tournaments

“Joe isn’t one of the most effective presidents of our lives in spite of his age, but because of it,” Biden told the crowd.

As the first lady called for support from senior citizens, she said former President Donald Trump would make costly cuts to Social Security and more.

“Donald Trump supported ending Medicare as we know it,” Biden explained. “He came one vote away from repealing the Affordable Care Act.”

The first lady also told seniors without that landmark legislation, they would be struck with higher health care and prescription drug costs.

Barbara Dorff introduces First lady Jill Biden in Green Bay, Wis. (Spectrum News 1/Mandy Hague)

Barbara Dorff from Green Bay got to introduce the first lady on Thursday.

“Being a senior, nearly 70 [years old], people have said ‘Do I think Joe Biden is too old?’ Absolutely not,” Dorff said. “My goodness sake, when you’re [age] 25 or 30, maybe 60 looks old. I’m almost 70. 81 [years old] does not look old to me at all. I’m not done yet, and I’m sure he’s not done.”

As someone who lives off Social Security and her pension, having Medicare and a supplement plan matters to Dorff.

“I’m absolutely terrified that if Trump were elected, he’s given so many indications that he would be willing to cut Medicare, to take money away from Social Security,” Dorff said. “He doesn’t talk at all about working with big pharma to keep prices low.”

While Trump’s campaign website states he “will always protect Medicare, social security, and patients with pre-existing conditions,” the first lady isn’t convinced.

Members of the crowd applaud during First lady Jill Biden's speech. (Spectrum News 1/Mandy Hague)

“This election is most certainly not about age. Joe and that other guy are essentially the same age,” Biden said. “Let’s not be fooled. But what this election is about—it’s about the character of the person leading our country. It’s about finishing the job we started.”

Following Tuesday’s launch of the Seniors for Biden-Harris coalition, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, the National United Committee to Protect Pensions, and the Social Security Works PAC all announced endorsements Wednesday to reelect President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Thursday’s visit marks the first lady’s fourth trip to Wisconsin this year as her latest visit is the second in just two weeks.