OSHKOSH, Wis. — Quin Fitzpatrick started working at festival foods in Oshkosh seven and a half years ago.

What You Need To Know

  • Festival Foods has more than 40 locations in Wisconsin

  • It’s seeking people for a range of positions at stores around the state

  • Positions include guest services and cake decorators to store-level leadership

He’s worked his way up to meat department manager at that store. He takes on a number of roles from the counter to preparation area.

“I was wrapping some of the meat here, making sure it is intact and that we have it ready for guests out on the floor so they can grab it and go,” Fitzpatrick said.

Part of his job is offering customers a little extra help when needed.

“If they ask me for a recipe to ask me for how to prepare something, I also come with come tips and tricks on how to do things like that,” he said.

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Oshkosh Human Resources Manager Katie Heider said Festival is seeking people for positions ranging from stockers in grocery and produce to store leadership positions.

Festival has open positions in Oshkosh and other locations across the state. It’s also opening a new store in Kimberly later this year.

“We hire all sorts of individuals. For somebody it might be their first job and they’re interested in getting their foot in the door with bagging,” she said. “We also have opportunities for someone who is retired and they’re looking for something to fill their time and everything in between.”

The company launched a new three-week paid parental leave program in January. It covers time off after a birth or placement of child through adoption or foster care.

“We are really into work-life balance,” Heider said. “We want to make sure that our associates are taken care of here and then they can also spend time with family at home.”

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Hannah Meiselwitz holds one of the jobs Festival is hiring for: a cake decorator.

“Thinking I made someone's day a little more special, or some little 5-year-old's birthday a little more special to them, that’s honestly the most fulfilling part of our job,” she said.

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Fitzpatrick said he’s learning all the time from the people he works with. That includes things like cutting meat and learning about where on the animal those cuts come from.

“I may be the leader of my team, but my team definitely shows me how to do things a lot more than I’m showing them how to do things on a day-to-day basis for sure,” he said.

Available careers at Festival Foods can be found here.