MILWAUKEE — Some people have jobs that are rather predictable. Jessye Hale is not one of those people.

What You Need To Know

  • Milwaukee's Discovery World is hiring

  • Numerous positions are available in different departments

  • Hiring for summer camps is a major focus

As an exhibit maintenance technician with Discovery World, she never knows where her day will take her.

On a recent weekday afternoon, she could be found riding in a large inflatable raft while changing a light fixture that is directly above one of the aquarium tanks.

“We had to figure out what we were going to do, and we went with the raft and I was the first person to say I would love to do that,” said Hale as she sat in the raft.

Hale said one of the things she likes best about her job is the lack of predictably. She said she enjoys learning about something new every day.

“Sometimes you are pounding through cement, some days outside on the docks, really it is something different every day, and I have learned so many different skills because I get to be here every day,” said Hale.

Discovery World is looking to hire for a wide variety of positions, from full-time positions like maintenance and guest services, to seasonal roles for summer camp programs. Filling these positions is especially important as it prepares for a busy summer season.

With over 1,600 kids per year taking part in Discovery World’s summer science camps, CEO Bryan Wunar said finding program leaders is a major focus.

“We are looking to hire a wide range of people with different backgrounds who want to work with kids who have a background in education or general science. It is a chance for them to get in directly with all the children that we serve,” said Wunar.

Regardless of what type of position you are looking for, Wunar said they want to find people who can share a love of science with museum visitors.

To learn more about available positions with Discovery World, you can visit its hiring website