MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver saved a child Feb. 24 on Capitol Drive. 

Keyon Finkley, a MCTS driver, was on his afternoon route when he saw a small child running into traffic on Capitol Drive. MCTS said Capitol Drive is Milwaukee's most dangerous road.

The child was wearing a pajama shirt and no other clothes. He was also barefoot.

Temperatures were in the 30s.

Finkley stopped the bus and ran toward the child. He brought the boy onto the bus, saving him from oncoming traffic.

Finkley called dispatch, who then got in contact with the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD).

Finkley and the child waited in the warmth of the bus for help to arrive. MPD officers arrived to pick up the child and bring him to safety. According to MCTS, MPD safely reunited the child with his family within an hour. 


MCTS said in recent years it has been tracking how many lost and missing children its drivers have found. This is the 14th child a MCTS driver has found since MCTS has tracked that data. 


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