NEW LONDON, Wis. — Alan Loux recounted the ways Cherry and Bart Starr influenced the creation and evolution of Rawhide Youth Services near New London, Wis.

It included everything from helping raise money to offering design advice on a residential facility and taking time to meet with each of the kids on the wooded campus. 

“The fingerprint of Bart and Cherry Starr has been on Rawhide and on this campus since 1966,” said Loux, who is the president and CEO at Rawhide. “They have been part of the fabric of who we are for almost 60 years.”

What You Need To Know

  • Cherry Starr died Feb. 27

  • She and Bart Starr were supporters of Rawhide Youth Services near New London, Wis.

  • The couple would often stop in to spend time with the kids receiving behavioral and mental health services

Rawhide provides mental and behavioral health counseling, therapy and residential treatment for teens and young adults.

“It all started with one small home, a couple kids and a vision of, ‘How do we help these kids get on the right path?’” Loux said. “Now, the organization is serving over 1,500 kids a year through all of our programs in the community and on this campus.” 

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Cherry Starr died Feb. 27, at the age of 89. 

Danny Stone, director of youth services, said Rawhide works with young people from all over the state.

“We’re able to walk life with them and help them establish some skills and coping mechanisms so they can be successful in their home community,” he said.

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Stone has been with Rawhide 28 years.

He said Cherry and Bart Starr would often stop in to the meet the kids. That sent a message.

“They matter,” Stone said. “That they mattered and someone is in their court and helping to push and pull them forward.”

Loux recounted  multiple stories about Cherry Starr, Bart Starr and their relationship with Rawhide, while standing in front of the youth home named in honor of the couple.

“I’ll remember Bart and Cherry as the heart and soul of Rawhide,” he said. “Rawhide wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Bart and Cherry. And they loved this place. They loved the youth that are here. They loved the staff that were here over the years and they would come and just spend time here.”

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