MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin's Democratic attorney general vowed Monday to defend a potential Donald Trump victory in the swing state next year, saying he's confident that the state's election systems work.

What You Need To Know

  • Wisconsin's Democratic attorney general promises to defend a potential Donald Trump victory next year in the swing state

  • Josh Kaul defended election results in lawsuits challenging Democrat Joe Biden's victory over Trump in Wisconsin in 2020

  • Biden's victory in the state was ultimately confirmed

  • Kaul told The Associated Press on Monday that he will defend the 2024 results in court as well, even if Trump, a Republican, wins Wisconsin

  • He says he's convinced that Wisconsin elections are accurate and reflect the will of voters

Trump, a Republican, refused to concede that Democrat Joe Biden won Wisconsin in 2020. Multiple court challenges and a partial recount ultimately confirmed Biden's victory. Attorney General Josh Kaul defended the results in court.

Kaul told The Associated Press on Monday that the legal challenges over the 2020 election showed that Wisconsin's election systems accurately reflect the will of the voters.

Asked if he would defend the 2024 results even if they show that Trump won the state, Kaul said: “We're going to defend the results regardless of who wins the election. What is paramount is the will of the voters prevails.”