MILWAUKEE — With the holiday season upon us, Wisconsinites this time of year might not be checking in on their investments or retirement accounts as often as they traditionally do, but for those who haven't gotten an update on them since October especially, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

"The Fed is trying to reduce inflation and the job market is very hot as well, and that's not syncing," said Professor Bakhtear Talukdar, an associate professor of finance at UW-Whitewater. "[Analysts] are now adjusting their expectations, and that's why you're seeing this kind of behavior in the market."

In a sign that more investors and analysts anticipate only a brief recession in 2024 or a "soft landing," the markets since October are up by roughly 9% overall and since January 1, the Dow alone has now climbed by more than 36%, including a more than 500 point jump to end the month of November at a year-to-date high on Thursday.

"It seems to me and those doing research in this area that the Fed is near the end of this interest hike," Professor Talukdar said. "The market will match that expectation with reality, and that's what really should happen."

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