GLENDALE, Wis. — Sprecher Brewing has been a well-known name across Wisconsin for decades.

However, it’s a name unknown to many around the country.

It’s something Sprecher Brewing CEO and President Sharad Chadha is working every day to change.

What You Need To Know

  • New owners took over Sprecher in 2020

  • The company says sales have risen 250% since then

  • It is working on broader national distribution and introducing new products to the market

“Some don’t even know how to pronounce our name. They call it spree-chur,” joked Chadha as he walked through the production area of the Glendale brewery.

Sprecher has experienced rapid growth over the past three years. In January 2020, company founder Randy Sprecher sold the business to Chadha and other local business partners.

Since then, the company reports that sales are up over 250%, as distribution has gone from only the Midwest to a total of 42 states.

“We were at 6,000 points of distribution, now we are at about 22,000 to 23,000,” said Chadha.

Chadha said a major focus for the company is increasing Sprecher’s nationwide brand recognition. He said getting people to try their soda for the first time is key to gaining new customers in a competitive and crowded soda market. 

He said making their Wisconsin roots part of the story is an important part of their marketing, as he believes Wisconsin is synonymous with quality.

“People know when something comes out of Wisconsin, nationally or internationally, it will be good quality, it will be made with care, and by people who care,” said Chadha.

Sprecher has increased their product offerings and substantially ramped up production. The company has modernized their production facility and now runs two full shifts per week, rather than one. While it has allowed them to greatly increase output, Chadha said it does come with challenges.

Finding enough staff to keep things running at full speed can be hard. It’s a reason he said he is grateful for the longtime employees he has.

“Our team perseveres and works hard, and we have grown through it, but we are still finding it hard to find good people,” said Chadha.

In addition to expanding their own product lines, Sprecher has acquired several other small soda companies since 2020, including the company that made Green River Soda, a brand popular in the Chicago market.