WISCONSIN — Last week, former Republican Gov. Scott Walker posted to social media saying Wisconsin's legislative maps are "evenly drawn" and that "liberals love to claim gerrymandering without credible evidence."

On Tuesday, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced a plan to have the state's maps redrawn, with a vote scheduled already on Thursday.

"This was quite a surprise," said Anthony Chergosky, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. "Because [Vos] has long been opposed to the Iowa model or something like it. Essentially, the Iowa model takes power away from elected members of the legislature to draw district maps."

Gov. Tony Evers and other state Democrats were quick to respond to the proposal as something that "cannot be trusted." It appears the Democratic leaders are set on letting the state's liberal-leaning Supreme Court decide the fate of Wisconsin's maps.

However, Republicans and Vos have threatened a possible impeachment of newly elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz if she doesn't recuse herself from the case.


"There is a process in [Vos's] bill that would [still] let the legislature draw the maps," Chergosky said. "It would let the legislature insert its own maps. There are a few hoops that the legislature would have to jump through, a few stages of the process that you would have to go through to get to that point, so I think Governor Evers and Democrats are pointing to some differences between the Iowa model and the Wisconsin proposal from Assembly Republicans, plus, overall, Wisconsin Democrats are extremely excited about the prospect of the [Wisconsin] Supreme Court being able to take up these maps."

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