MILWAUKEE — Canadian wildfire smoke has drifted into Wisconsin’s atmosphere, causing unhealthy air quality across the state.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health Director Mark Werner urged Wisconsinites to take precautions because everyone’s health can be harmed by the smoke.

“This is a significant event, and we recommend everyone take steps to limit their outdoor activities,” said Werner during a press conference Tuesday. “Staying indoors with your doors and windows closed is the best way to avoid exposure to the high levels of pollution that we are experiencing. If you do have a respiratory or cardiovascular that puts you are greater risks and you need to spend time outside, a well-fitting N95 mask can be helpful, but we recommend to stay indoors is the best thing to do.”

Wisconsin is under an air quality advisory until Thursday at noon. As of Wednesday at 9 a.m., all of Wisconsin was in the red zone or above, which is the “unhealthy” level. Some areas were still in purple, or “very unhealthy,” such as near Madison.

Officials also urged people to check on family and neighbors that don’t have AC and could be more at risk.

Many events, such as Madison’s Concert on the Square, have already been cancelled or rescheduled due to air quality concerns. 

In light of the conditions, the City of Milwaukee Health Department reminded people about safe public spaces with AC that are available should they need it. You can find a list of those here.

Public Health Madison and Dane County also announced Tuesday that they were distributing masks throughout the area and working with local shelters. They said free masks are also available at the East Washington and South Park Street offices.

“I encourage everybody to take the air quality advisory seriously, and stay indoors as much as possible until the health impacts have decreased,” said Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway in the press release.