MILWAUKEE — While May in Wisconsin is often far from tropical, it is a time when many restaurants and bars across the state begin to count on a warmer weather boost in business.

However, with unseasonably cool and wet conditions so far this month, businesses aren’t seeing quite what they had hoped for.

What You Need To Know

  • Many restaurants see a warm weather boost in business

  • Cool temps have meant outdoor dining delays

  • Food trucks feel the impact as well 

Cubanitas, a Cuban restaurant with locations in downtown Milwaukee and Oak Creek, sees business go up during warm months. It is something owner Marta Bianchini sees happen every year. 

“While we are busy all year long, the summer is the busiest,” Bianchini said. “Especially July, being the hottest month. We get the most action in the month of July.”

Bianchini said the ability to set up outdoor seating makes a big difference for their business. Not only do customers look forward to sitting outside, but it also increases capacity.

“With the 20 more people, the waits are shorter, and it works out a lot better,” said Bianchini 

This year, the opportunities to set up outdoor seating have been limited. For Cubanitas, it means some potential loss of business. For food trucks, like Hot Box Pizza, it can have an even bigger impact. 

Employee Daniel Spencer said warm weather means more people out and about, giving them the chance to discover the food truck. 

“Foot traffic is one of the main ways people see and get to our specific business and our lane of business,” he said. “So, when the weather is not the best, the business isn’t the best.”

Now, restaurants are just looking forward to when the mercury starts to rise in the thermometer in order to welcome in added business.