GLENDALE, Wis. — A parking structure at Bayshore Town Center partially collapsed Thursday, crushing at least two vehicles. Police said no injuries have been reported. On Friday, police said they have not received any missing person reports from the area. 

"At this point, we're fairly confident there's no one in that space," Robert Whitaker, fire chief of the North Shore Fire Department, said.

After reviewing security footage, officials said it did not appear there were any pedestrians nearby when the collapse happened around 12:15 p.m. They said they did not see any pedestrians in the video. Officials confirmed they have spoken to both drivers of the crushed cars, who confirmed no one was inside. However, they said even though there is no reason to believe anyone is trapped under the damage, they want to make sure and will continue to remove snow and rubble until the area is completely cleared. 

Officials said they started to use heavy equipment to remove the snow from the area on Thursday. However, the structure began to shift so they stopped. Officials said they now plan to use torpedo heaters to melt the snow, which could take 8 to 24 hours.  

There are about 20 pounds of snow per square foot. 

By Friday afternoon, officials said crews were working to secure loose concrete on the upper decks of the garage in order to make it less hazardous. Officials said they expected crews to continue to work on that through the weekend. Crews are also removing structural components on the ground.  Officials said they are emphasizing safety over speed. 

The partial collapse was from "the third floor down, in a pancake-type collapse," Whitaker said. 

"The third floor is in the first floor right now," he explained. 

Officials said that cars in the parking structure could remain there for more than a month, as there is currently not a way to drive them out of the structure since the singular ramp and exit-route has been impacted. The public, including vehicle owners, are not allowed in the structure at this time, as it is poses a safety hazard. 

On Friday, officials said they expect to have a plan within the next week on how to get cars out of the structure. 

Pedestrians may not be able to walk in that area for months, per officials. 

Bayshore officials, Bayshore security and Glendale Police said they are working to help people retrieve personal items from their cars. 

Whitaker said the cause of the Silver Spring Parking Garage collapse has yet to be determined, but the snow could have been a factor.

"Piling snow on a property is probably — especially [on a structure] that's elevated — not a good idea."

The Heavy Urban Rescue Team and the Structure Collapse Unit said it is working with Bayshore's engineers, as well as the concrete manufacturer to ensure there is not a risk of another collapse. 

Officials said they believe all other Bayshore parking structures are safe, but North Shore Fire Department will conduct "visual checks" Thursday to ensure there are no other risks. 

Multiple crews, including Glendale Police and the North Shore Fire Department, are on the scene. Police said this is an active, ongoing investigation. 



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