EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Walking through downtown Eau Claire has felt a bit like a snow globe in recent days. That is because the western Wisconsin city will endure a three-day blast of snow, wind and cold.

The winter weather has led many schools to close and businesses to change plans or simply take the day off. However, there are also plenty of exceptions. 

Billy Siegel owns Revival Records downtown. Siegel kept his shop open Wednesday. While he said he knew it would likely be a slow day, he didn’t want to lose out on business. 

“I figured I might as well open the doors, allow everybody to at least come in here, get some music before they hunker down,” said Siegel as he stocked a pile of albums. 

Siegel said he is planning to use the down time to get plenty of tasks done; he has gone to great lengths to take advantage of the free time. 

“I actually brought some supplies with me and I am actually staying here tonight. Just so I can get this work done,” said Siegel.

For other businesses, like Wintership Tattoo, the storm added to the workload.

Owner Jonah Lemke has taken on snow shoveling duty outside the business. While it takes some effort, Lemke took it in stride. 

“It’s good for my back; gotta keep moving so I can’t truly complain,” said Lemke.

Both Revival Records and Wintership Tattoo said that while they intended to remain open Wednesday, if conditions deteriorated significantly, they would close early.