MILWAUKEE — After more than three weeks of Darrell Brooks’ trial in Waukesha and although a jury found him guilty of all the charges he was facing, victims’ loved ones, survivors and neighbors are likely dealing with a myriad of emotions and rekindled trauma after having to relive last year’s tragedy.

“This is a pretty common reaction that most people would have to a really intense, traumatic event that we don’t forget the responses we had in those moments,” said Dr. Chad Wetterneck, the clinical director of trauma recovery with Rogers Behavioral Health. “Anyone that had to watch that trial, hear it on the news or even share their experience — trauma tends to bring them back to when the event happened and make them feel the same way.”

Dr. Wetterneck added that even though the result of the trial may have brought relief, for many, it doesn’t bring an end to any trauma they continue to deal with.

“It closes part of a loop, but it doesn’t close the loss and it doesn’t close the feelings of being unsafe or the helplessness that happened,” he added. “Trauma tends to linger, and this is a protective response that we have to help us point out when things are unsafe, and unfortunately it doesn’t learn that just because a bad guy might be in jail that it’s not going to happen again.”

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