WISCONSIN — Prosecutors in the Darrell Brooks trial began the third week of court proceedings on Monday by calling more witnesses. Prosecutors said they plan to end on Wednesday, so attention is shifting to Brooks’ own defense, which is likely to begin this Wednesday or Thursday.

“He has the absolute right to call witnesses in his own defense and to testify in his own defense,” John Gross, a professor of law at the University of Wisconsin Law School, said. “That’s not without limits — witnesses that he calls have to have relevant testimony. That testimony can’t be duplicative, so he can’t just recall all the prosecution’s witnesses and ask them more questions, so there are ways the judge can move the case along, but it may still take a while before it wraps up.”

Thus far, Gross said the prosecution has done well.

“I think the prosecution is doing a fine job presenting their case — they have a great deal of video evidence to present,” Gross added. “A lot of folks from law enforcement and civilians as well have testified, and I think much of their evidence has been very persuasive.”

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