WISCONISN — As Wisconsinites continue to deal with COVID-19 and early signs of a more active influenza season, data showed cases of respiratory syncytial virus are spiking among children.

The spike comes earlier than expected this fall.

“It’s something that can cause an illness at any age, but most of us — as we get older — have been exposed to it once, and are less susceptible to severe disease,” Dr. Dan Beardmore, a pediatrician with SSM Health in Janesville, said. “It [can] cause a lot of respiratory issues, especially the younger you get — your toddlers and your really little children.”

The percentage of children in Wisconsin who tested positive for RSV jumped from just over n 9% in mid-September to nearly 30% by early October, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Beardmore said that SSM Health’s emergency departments have recently seen more children coming in because of the virus.

“This virus typically tends to peak on days three and four of the illness, so if your child is worsening at about that timeline, for sure [call] your pediatric offices, your family medicine offices, your urgent cares, to get checked out,” Beardmore added.

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