MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee’s United Community Center said it is making a big hiring push. From health care to education, the UCC works to address the needs of the area’s Hispanic and Latino community. 

Currently, UCC has around 40 jobs available, covering a variety of positions from health care to maintenance. However, the area where UCC said it is seeing the biggest hiring need is in early childhood education.

Early childhood education is continuing to grow at UCC, according to Emily Gorges. Gorges is a center director at UCC and works with early childhood staff. She said getting those openings filled is important.

“Whether teachers, kitchen staff, family advocates — everyone here plays a very important role in the operations of the center. When everything is fully staffed and going beautifully, that makes our lives easier,” said Gorges 

While some roles require advanced certification, others offer the opportunity to gain on-the-job certifications.

“They can start as a program aid or a floater,” explained Claudia Martin, an HR recruiter at UCC. ”You can start with a high school diploma, help them get their credentials, enroll them in the partnership we have with MATC and we pay for that credential.”

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